Open Mic at Helium

Open Mic Night Info

It's Open Mic Night every Tuesday at Goodnights! Come enjoy Raleigh's best up-and-coming comics! Entry is FREE! Arrive early and enjoy dinner in the Factory prior to the show.

Think you have what it takes to make people laugh? Open Mic Night is open for sign-up to new talent as well as seasoned comics. You can sign up online before Tuesday or Come for a Raffle Spot drawing is at 7:00PM inside The Factory (the night of the show). The final line-up is posted at 7:30PM. The line-up is chosen by random lottery.

Please note that if you are on our list to Perform and will not be able to check in by 7:00 PM please let someone know. Take advantage of this opportunity before the show to network with other comedians and enjoy our happy hour specials.

Please check below to see if you've made next week's list.

Open Mic Continues March 28st

March 21st Lineup

Host: Joe Perrow
Vishal Krishanasami
Ben Malone
Brandi Roberts
Eric Stevens
Raffle Spot
Sara Levy
Alex Olinger
Eric Megert
Uncle Kurt
Sam Prickett
Rickey Meyer
Chris Stenta
Raffle Spot
Raffle Spot
Nik Cartwright
Jason Zaremba
DeJahzh Hedrick
Grant Sheffield
Andrew Green
Raffle Spot
Dink Kearney
Mark Brady
Shane Smith
Shari Diaz
Kenyon Adamcik
Sam Mazany
Micah Hanner
Brent Blakeney
Maddie Weiner
Matt White
Brian Deans