What the Goodnights Improv Academy Will Do for You:

  • Develop your skills as a improvisational performer using the long-form structure known as Harold
  • Mold topics and suggestions into an original on-the-spot routine through a weekly on-stage performance workshop
  • Translate your ideas into a funny scene by performing at the "top of your intelligence"

Class Includes:

  • Seven two-hour-long classes at Goodnights Comedy Club, Thursdays from 7 to 9PM
  • A Graduation showcase at Goodnights at 8pm on the Wednesday immediately following the final class session (schedule permitting) in which participants perform for an audience of friends and family in a supportive, positive, and controlled environment

Apr Class Registration
Apr Class Deposit ($100)

About the Instructor

Vinny has been an improv comedian since 2008. Originally from Long Island, Vinny began taking classes at the ComedyWorx Theater shortly after seeing his first improv show. After several years as a stage performer, his journey continued took him to Chapel Hill in 2010, where he became a full time company member of ComedyWorx. In 2012, Vinny ascended to the role of Associate Producer at the DSI Comedy Theatre. Vinny has worked in multiple long-form improvisational teams and toured the country performing in NYC, Atlanta, Charleston, Virginia, and Washington DC. Since 2011 he has been teaching improv, and focuses on emotional honesty among teammates, drawing inspiration from one's environment, and performing in a manner that not only surprises the performer but the audience as well.

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